Tuesday, 18 March 2014


looks trippy, eh?

"POP!", came the universe into existence as some random chemical shit took place, and it happened.

What followed for the following X no. of years ultimately led to the Solar system, with a Blue-Green planet with an environment suitable for supporting life due to some more chemistry(aargh!).

And one particular genus, the homo, continually evolved, as proposed by Uncle Darwin, and became the masters of the planet, literally.

trolled by technology!

Still, we humans are not the same, and have different tastes, preferences, and artistic deviations. 

This blog is an attempt by me to dive into one of the artistic deviations.

Music consists of silence and sounds at the same time, and it is the composed variations that creates the new stuff. The variations can be rhythmic, pitched, or whatever. 

It is difficult to trace its origins, as along with the evolution of human mind, came the understanding and appreciation of sound. What may have been music for the first conscious human mind, the clapping of hands, is still there. 

Different cultures and civilizations came and went, but Music stayed on, forever, and will be there till humanity exists! 

So let me take you into a world of music, where your ears might find an ecstatic pinnacle, and attempt to present you with moments of Joy, of Optimism and of mental satisfactions.

For me, Music is a source of Nirvana, a gateway to get out of this weird, self-obsessed world and connect with my emotions as well as my expressions.

And lyrics are the pathway that make us ponder upon, and chalk out the things to do.

Eargasm is the best thing that can happen to you, and is an art, which only the determined and the free willed can master.

                      "Indulge, Involve, Evolve."

I look forward to be a guide, a mentor, and most of all, a friend in this journey together.

Hasta La Vista, keep enjoying music!

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