Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Antonio Vivaldi - Four Seasons ( A music connoisseur's delight!)

Music has the tendency to fluctuate our emotions and passions, and provide us solace in times of need and boredom.
In this respect, music is said to provide us with the highest level of pleasure, a rarest form of divinity, that one cannot found in the materialistic pleasures of manly creations.
If you seek love, lust, passion, desire, hope, and what not, just turn into the right form of music!
Classical music is said to be the zenith of human creativity, with variations from “Pizzicato” (plucking the strings) to the use of “Basso continuo”, to differentiating between a “Sonata”(to play music) and a “Cantata”(to sing).

Here, I introduce you to one of the best musical works ever by a human being, the sounds of nature being incomparable.
An old classic, yet still refreshing and breathtaking.
 42 minutes of music that takes you into a journey of happiness and wonder.

“Four Seasons” ~by Antonio Vivaldi

Yes, it is a set of four violin concertos, one for each of the seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  He is supposed to have composed it way back in 1723 for his patron, Count Morzin. It remains amongst the world's most recognized pieces of Baroque music, and also amongst the most popular.
In each of the four seasons, he divides it into three distinct movements. To understand the variations and the literal theme work presented in this epic piece of music, you have to go through the The Four Seasons Sonnets ,  wherein  we find the literary interpretations and the sheer brilliance of Vivaldi’s thinking. It’s all about human beings, and their relation with the seasons.

First comes the springtime with the sheer sense of optimism and life unparellelled, for there is hope of a good time ahead, and the celebration of nature.
Next comes the summertime, which turns out to be a phase of struggles and fear, but which can be overcome by human grit &  determination.
Then comes Autumn, which spreads its tentacles of celebration around everything, and takes everyone a bit farther from the reality of life. It also signifies the human intervention in nature, and can be lauded by the environmentalists as a brilliant depiction of human nature.
Struggle makes a return in Winter, as the cold weather descends upon us to test our resilience and the will to survive. Despite all the pains, we humans adapt and survive the harsh weather and strive to remain optimistic about the bright spring that will come up next.
This is the genius of Vivaldi. Just lay down, close your eyes and indulge into pure eargasm, and take a heavenly flight of your soul to the 18th century Italy.

Happy Eargasm!

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